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TypeScript - Structuring type dependencies in frontend applications

In this post I try to explain why although tempting, it's a bad idea to use "big" types (representing parts of your domain model and often coming from code generation) across your application code.

Recursive vim macros on multiple files using arglist

I use vim macros to implement a repeated code change in a relatively big codebase. I learn of a way to apply macros that exhaust occurrences in one file across multiple files using only vim.

TypeScript - Beware the user-defined type guards

While useful, user-defined type guards are a vector for runtime errors in TypeScript applications. It's very easy to implement them in a way that makes a piece of code unsafe.

TypeScript - Using Record is usually not the best choice

Using the TypeScript Record type can result in unexpected type unsafety. In this post, I suggest using a Dictionary type that solves this.

How to listen to music

A rant on how I think people can better appreciate and enjoy music, and perhaps other types of art, too.

Thoughts on atomic commits and quality of life

In this post, I try to share some of the confirming experiences and observations that have helped me in the process of following git best practices.

Making Emacs work like my Neovim setup

I decided to surrender to my sacrilegous self and try to emulate everything I do with Vim from an empty Emacs config file built with Org-mode.

My experience contributing to Servo

An introduction to Mozilla's Servo project built in Rust, where I try to encourage people to contribute and tell my own story along the way.

Why won't my text overflow? Where's my ellipsis!?

A checklist that should help you once and for all truncate that stubborn span and print some beautiful ellipses at the end of your one-liners.

CSS features that Firefox supports but Chrome doesn't

This is a short list of CSS features that work on Firefox but not yet on Chrome. In particular, features that would be really cool to use in production if the other major browsers supported them.

Guide to CSS filters

An interactive introduction to CSS filters that includes a playground to produce code using sliders, to better visualize the effect of each filter on an image.

Hi there!

An introduction to my blog and me.